What and how to learn Spanish with us

How to learn Spanish online

At HABLAMOS SLE, we offer you a great variety of courses. You will always be able to find one that suits your level and needs. In addition, the courses can be personalized and even combined with others.

Learn Spanish with a personal tutor

In our courses, we work with the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Although we give special importance to communication skills, grammar is not ignored. You will be able to start speaking Spanish as of the first class.

The courses can be done in person, in which case a native Spanish tutor will travel to the place chosen by the student to do the class in (home, office, etc.) or online, conducting classes through Skype, Google Talk, Zoom, etc., in a virtual classroom that will have the same characteristics as a traditional one. They can also be carried out individually or in groups.

Each course is organized into modules. When you purchase a module, you are paying for the classes you do as well as for a personal tutor, available 24/7 by email, who will answer your questions, correct your exercises, recommend additional activities and, of course, support and encourage you during the whole process. In addition, all materials are also included in the final price.

Discover all the advantages of studying in a virtual classroom and how our courses work.

You’re probably wondering how long it will take to start speaking Spanish. According to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), it takes approximately 200 hours of guided learning to move from one level to the next (remember that there are six levels). These figures are always indicative, as they can be affected by several factors, both good and bad. For example:

  • Spanish levelsYour native language (it is always easier for an Italian to learn Spanish than for a Russian).
  • The exposure to Spanish that we have in our daily lives.
  • Motivation (an upcoming trip or a boyfriend/girlfriend works miracles).
  • The number of study hours between classes.

For example, a standard module consists of 10 individual class hours; plus 30 or 40 recommended hours of guided self-study with a tutor (three or four hours a week). Following this, each level (A1, A2 …. C2) is usually done in three or four modules, but keep in mind that you set your own limits. You decide how often you will have classes and how much you will study for them. With less hours of self-study, you’ll need more individual classes. The price of a standard module done in a virtual classroom is €250, everything included.


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