Premium Service

Learn Spanish with our premium service.

Register for our PREMIUM SERVICE if you like being self-taught, but you think you could use some help with your Spanish. Here you have eight good reasons to become one of our premium students.

Learn Spanish with a personal tutor1. You will have a personal online tutor, with whom you can contact via email, ask questions, request materials … (discover all the benefits of having a personal tutor).

2. We will do a complete assessment of your Spanish level when you register.

3. You will have free access to all the resources on our website and extra resources (download an example) that your tutor will provide you when you request it.

4. You can participate in ALL the mini-lessons of 30 minute-conversations that you want. The mini-lessons are FREE for our premium students.

5. You can also participate in a group lesson via SKYPE, Google+, Zoom, etc that is completely FREE when you sign up for three months, and two group lessons and one individual tutoring session if you sign up for six months.

6. We will give you a significant discount if you decide to do any of our courses, workshops, or activities.

7. You can participate in our monthly draws.

8. You can enjoy all this for just € 12 a month (€ 36 for a quarter or $ 45).

Contact us if you want to receive more information about our PREMIUM SERVICE, or if you want to register four weeks for FREE and without any obligation.

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