What is the premium service? How do our courses work in a virtual classroom? How do our online courses work?


In Spanish SLE we provide Spanish customizes online courses1. In Hablamos SLE we offer you a great variety of Spanish courses online and in a virtual classroom, which we will customize according to your needs and circumstances:

We are working on the following courses:

  • Correspondencia comercial (online).
  • Técnicas de converación telefónica (in a virtual classroom)

All of our courses include all the material and a personal tutor of Spanish via online, but you can not only learn Spanish with a course, you also have individual tutoring sessions, group lessons, mini FREE conversation lessons.

2. Also on our blogs, you will find hundreds of resources to learn Spanish for free and you can start right now.

  • Easy Spanish is a blog for beginners and lower intermediate students of Spanish as a foreign language, it is very much focused on grammar and vocabulary. With explanation in English, many examples in both languages, videos, podcasts and quizzes.
  • Más que lengua tiene recursos para estudiantes español como lengua extranjera de niveles intermedio y avanzado. Los artículos, vídeos y podcast publicados no solo te termiran mejorar o mantener vivo tu español, sino tambien descubrirás la historia, cultura y la gastronomía hispana.
  • En 1001 Ejercicios de español encontrarás multitud de actividades y pastiempos para practicar tu español: sopas de letras, crucigramas, rellena huecos, memories, juegos de tarjetas… Una manera divertida de mejorar tu español.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about our courses or a detailed budget without commitment.
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