Individual Spanish tutoring sessions

Individual Spanish tutoring sessionsThe individual Spanish tutoring sessions are done over Skype, Google+, Zoom, etc. and last 60 minutes. Students can purchase these to tackle specific topics in grammar, spelling or phonetics, in topics they are especially interested in, or those in which they have questions or problems. During the session, you will work exclusively on the chosen topic: you will see many examples, do exercises, and, of course, you can ask your tutor all of your questions.

There is a list of topics to choose from that is expanded regularly – we have chosen the most ‘popular’ among our students. You are invited to propose new topics and we will incorporate the most highly demanded topics.

Tutoring sessions work like individual lessons. You must be registered as a premium member and write to us to request a session and to agree upon the date and time. Once everything is confirmed, the student will receive the material for their class by email. On the indicated day and time, they just have to be available for the tutor to call.

After the class, the tutor will send a small assessment for the student to complete and will follow up on the topic of the tutoring session for a week, providing more exercises and correcting them, if the student so wishes.

The price of a tutoring session is €22 (everything included), but you will receive a free one when you buy a 6-month premium service.

Contact us if you want to receive more information about our INDIVIDUAL TUTORING SESSIONS.

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  • Los verbos irregulares en el presente de indicativo (A1).
  • El alfabeto y los sonidos en español (A1).
  •  Los verbos irregulares en el pretérito indefinido (A1).
  • El verbo gustar y otros verbos similares (A1).
  • Las perífrasis verbales (A1).
  • El imperativo afirmativo (A1)
  • El imperativo negativo (A2).
  • Usos del pronombre de complemento directo e indirecto (A2).
  • ¿Cuándo se usa el pretérito indefinido o perfecto en España? (A2).
  • Usos básicos del pretérito imperfecto (A2)
  • Conjugación del presente de subjuntivo (B1)
  • Usos básicos del subjuntivo (B1).
  • Los acentos  y la entonación (B1).
  • Expresar deseos en español (B1) (B2).
  • Conjugación del pretérito imperfecto de subjuntivo (B2)
  • Las oraciones condicionales (B2).

Remember that students are invited to propose new topics and we will incorporate the most highly demanded topics.