Premium membership

Register as a  PREMIUM MEMBER if you want to learn or refresh your Spanish on your own but you feel you need a little help. For as little as 15 USD per month (45 USD per a quarter or 36 €), you will benefit from:

1. Having a personal online tutor via email.

2. A full assessment of your Spanish level.

3. Extra resources provided by the tutor (see sample) and free access to all our blog’s resources.

4. You will be able to participate in the FREE 30-minute online group lessons.

5. One online lesson in a group, completely free, when you hire a 3-month premium membership or three lessons when you register for 6 months.

6. You will receive the list of group lessons via Skype in advance (with which you will have priority at the time of participation).

7. An important discount, if you decide to do any of our courses or activities.

8. Participate in raffles of materials.

Contact us if you want to receive more information about our PREMIUM SERVICE, or if you want to register for 4 weeks completely free and without any obligation.

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