Preterite tense, irregular verbs in third person (A2)

Here we are, speaking again about the PRETÉRITO INDEFINIDO   and more specifically about the irregular verbs in the preterite. Can you believe it? We have already seen when to use the preterite, the regular verbs, and the very irregular verbs. 

This time we are going to learn a new group of verbs, the last one I promise, that are irregulars just in the third person singular (él, ella, usted) and plural (ellos, ellas, ustedes) of the preterite. The change is going to affect only one letter, not really difficult, and we can organise these verbs into three groups.


Spanish verbs with third persons irregular in the preterite

1. All the verbs ending inir that have anein the penultimate syllable (sentir, preferir, pedir, mentir…) change that e for a iin the third persons (él, ella, usted, ellos, ellas, ustedes). Compare:

Yo preferí comer pescado (I preferred to eat fish).

Carlos prefirió no venir con nosotros (Carlos preferred not to come with us).

Nosotros pedimos la cuenta (We asked for the bill).

Los niños pidieron la merienda (The children asked for a snack).

2. All the verbs ending in “-ir” that have an o in the penultimate syllable (dormir, morir) change that o for au in the third persons (el, ella, usted, ellos, ellas, ustedes). Compare:

Ayer no dormí nada (Yesterday, I didn’t sleep at all).

Ayer el niño no durmió nada (Yesterday, the children didn’t sleep at all).

 Tres personas murieron en el accidente (Three people died in the crash).

3. All the verbs ending in aer, eer, oír and uir, change the i for ay In the third persons (yo, ella, usted, ustedes, ellos, ellas). Compare:

Me caí en la calle (I fell in the street).

La mujer se cayó en la calle (The woman fell in the street).

Leí un libro (I read a book).

Los niños leyeron un libro (The children read a book).

Note that the endings of these verbs are exactly the same as those of regular verbs, including the accent.

All these verbs are irregulars also in the gerund, and most of them in the present tense, also they are going to have a small change in the present subjunctive, so good to pay special attention to this group in all the tenses.

Irregular verbs in the preterite exercises

Here you have some activities to practice what we have learned above. Just write the third person singular and plural of the infinitives given in the chart and remember you can contact your tutor with any question you have. Don´t you have a Spanish tutor yet?

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