How do our courses work in a virtual classroom?

Spanish lessons in a class room

If you already know the advantages of studying with our system and purchasing one of our courses, and you have decided to learn Spanish in our virtual classrooms, the process is very simple:

1. The first thing to do is to enroll. From there, we will evaluate your level of Spanish and, if needed, we will help you choose your course 4.and we will personalize it (see the list of available courses).

2. We will prepare a curriculum for you to approve, according to your objectives and needs.

3. Once you are registered in the course, you will be assigned a tutor and a studies manager, and you will receive the materials you need for the lesson block you have purchased.

4. On the day and time set for the class, you must be connected to Skype, or the chosen platform, so that the tutor can make the video call. You just have to have the materials for that lesson with you, follow the tutor’s instructions during class, enjoy the experience, and learn a lot of Spanish.

Spanish lessons via Skype

5. Once the lesson is finished, the tutor will send you an email with some comments and advice about what was seen in the class, and the activities to practice. You will also receive a final evaluation that you must send to your tutor before the next class.
6. Between classes, you can contact your tutor by email to ask any questions you have about the subject of your lesson or ask for extra exercises if needed. You can study all that you want between classes, to review what you have studied or to prepare for the next lesson. You will also be able to change the content of your next lesson. Remember that your tutor is always ready to help you.

7. In addition, you can contact your studies manager with any questions or concerns you have about a lesson, the course, or even your tutor.

Don`t hesitate to contact us if you want more information about our courses ora detailed budget without commitment or a free demo class.