Your personal online Spanish tutor

How you will benefit from having a personal online Spanish tutor:

1..I will make an assessment of your Spanish level when you register and when you decide to leave us.

2. Every week I will send you by email a recommended learning plan tailored to your needs, level and goals.

3. You can contact me with any questions you have, 24/7 about the topics in our posts or your learning plan. You will have an answer within 24 hours.

4. I will provide you with extra resources about especific topics when you feel you need some extra work.

5. I will monitor all your learning progress.

6. You will be able to register for one of our Spanish lessons in a group, completely free (when you register for at least 3 months). In this way, you will be able to practice everything you have already learned.

7. 10% discount on all our courses.

All these benefits and much more for as little as US$16 a month and now …


Contact us to get more information. 

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