Spanish vocabulary: NÚMEROS ORDINALES (A1)

Click here to download the pdf sheet with a more completed list of ordinal numbers (NÚMEROS ORDINALES ) in Spanish. First, let see some tips:

1. Primero and tercero drop the o before a masculine singular noun: el primer autobús (the first bus); el tercer piso (the third floor).

2. Be careful not to confuse cuarto (fourth) with cuatro (four).

3. Because they are adjectives, ordinal numbers agree with their noun and normally go before it: primer amor (first love); primeros platos (first courses)… Consequently, the little º change to ª in the feminine.

4. From 11th onwards, ordinal numbers are rarely used in spoken Spanish. Cardinal numbers are often used instead, and, in this case, they go after the noun: el piso quince but el décimo quinto piso (the fifteenth floor).

5. In relation to sovereigns or popes, ordinal numbers go after the name when spoken. In this case, we only use the cardinal after 10º: el rey Felipe VI (sexto), la reina Isabel II (segunda), el papa Benedicto XVI (dieciséis).

6. Unlike in English, ordinal numbers aren’t generally used for dates: el 5 de enero (fifth of January), el 1 de diciembre (first of December)…

7. Do you know what the idiomatic expression “estar en el séptimo cielo” means?

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