Take a Spanish level test

Spanish level test2

You can test your Spanish with a quick, free online test developed by Instituto Cervantes. By taking this test you can obtain an approximate rating of your Spanish language skills.

The level test consists of three parts: vocabulary and structures (30 to 60 questions based on a number of hits), reading comprehension and listening comprehension.

Remember that if you want the result to reflect your level of Spanish, take the test only once, and do not use a dictionary. Are you ready? 

Please note that this test approximates your Spanish level as it doesn’t assess all skills, such as speaking for an instant. However, if you decide to register in one of our courses, your personal tutor will assess all your Spanish skills in a more accurate way. Contact us for more information.

In Easy Spanish, the level of our activities and courses are organized according to internationally recognized standards. Knowing your level will help you to choose better what resources are more convenient for you, continue reading

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