Spanish Grammar: Preposiciones de lugar II (A1)

LAS PREPOSICIONES DE LUGAR (prepositions of place) are used to show the position or location of one thing, person or place with another. It answers the question ¿Dónde? (where?).

Here you have some of the most usual:

al-lado-deAl lado de / junto a 

Los ratones están al lado del queso (Mice are next to/beside the cheese)

Los ratones están junto al queso (Mice are next/beside the cheese)


Cerca de (close/nearby)

El pájaro está muy cerca del hombre (The bird is very close to man).



Lejos de (far/far away)

El hombre busca algo que está lejos de él (the man is looking for something that is far away).


entreEntre (notice that “entre” is not followed by the preposition “de”).

El león está entre las lámparas (The lion is between the lamps).



A la derecha de (on the right)

La oficina de correos está a la derecha de la panadería (the post office is on the right of the bakery).

A la izquierda de  (on the left)

La panadería está a la izquierda de la oficina de correos (the bakery is on the left of the post office).

Now you can practice what you have learned with our quizzes, you can also see the post “preposition of place I”. Remember to contact your tutor with any question you have or to ask for more homework. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?


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