PRETÉRITO INDEFINIDO,  do you know how to form it?

Preterito indefinido conjugación, minitest de evaluaciónPRETÉRITO INDEFINIDO, also called preterite o preterit in English, is the most used of the Spanish past tenses and, as you will have already noticed, its conjugation is not easy because it has many irregular verbs. Some of them very dramatic!

Today, we propose to you to do a test to see if you have the conjugation of the PRETÉRITO INDEFINIDO under control. If you want to review the conjugation of the regular verbs or the irregular verbs, just click on the links. But, first, do the quiz below; it will help you decide.

Average results:

  • More than 71%: Excellent, you really master the preterite tense.
  • Between 50% and 70%: Good work, but maybe it would be good to do a little revision.
  • Less than 50%: You will benefit from a good revision.

Ok. ¡Vamos a empezar, buena suerte!

In our blog, you have many more entries about the preterite tense, most of them have quizzes associated. For example. in this link, you can learn more about when to use the preterite. On the other hand, you will find plenty of information about other Spanish past tenses, such as pretérito perfecto (present perfect), pretérito imperfecto (imperfect) and pretérito pluscuamperfecto (pluperfect). Notice that the word PRETÉRITO means PAST in Spanish, so it is like the family name of all these tenses.

Here, you have other links related to the “pretérito indefinido“, I hope you find all of them very useful, nevertheless don’t forget you can contact your tutor if you have any questions. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?


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