Spanish regular verbs: PRESENT TENSE (A1)

Spanish regular verbs: present tenseSpanish regular verbs are those which stems don’t suffer any change when are conjugated: compr…, vend…, abr... On the other hand, the verbs endings carry a precise information about how the verb is being used, when the action is happening and who/what is doing it. Let’s see the image on the right.


They fit onto the stem of the verb, which you will find by removing –AR, -ER, -IR from the end of the infinitive (see verbs overview). In the present simple tense, the replacement endings are very similar -but not identical- for the three groups.


  • ESCUCHAR:  escucho (I listen)                 escuchamos (we listen)
  • LEER:           leo (I read)                         leemos (we read)
  • ESCRIBIR:    escribo (I write)                   escribimos ( we write)

Irregular verbs deviate from the standard patterns in some way, but even most of these have endings that are similar to regular verbs patterns (see how to form the present simple tense of irregular verbs).

Notice that:

1. Verbs endig in –ar and –er only change the vowel a to e.

2. Verbs ending in –ir, are similar to those in –er, except for nosotros (we) and vosotros (you plural).

3. The vosotros/as form is the only one with an orthographic accent. Remember that this person is only used in Spain since in America they prefer to use ustedes

4. When we read the nosotros/as and vosotros/as forms are only to have the stress on the ending –like the infinitive. Other are stressed on the preceding syllable: escucho (I listen), escribes (you write), viajan (they travel) but viajar (to travel), escuchamos (we listen), escribís (you –plural- write)…

5. Finally, PRESENT TENSE is used to talk about what is true at the moment, universal trues and what happens regularly. Learn more about what the present tense is used for.

6. Now it is time you practice everything you have learned with our quizzes just click on this link.

7. If you are interested in learning more about Spanish verbs the following books can be useful.


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