Spanish vocabulary_A1: Las tiendas (shops)

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Hoy vamos de compras (do shopping) y vamos a aprender el nombre de algunas tiendas (shops): Primero, descarga la hoja vocabulario en pdf (download the pdf vocabulary worksheet) y luego practica el vocabulario con nuestros quizzes.

Puedes aprender el vocabulario en contexto viendo el vídeo “Vamos de compras” puedes aprender más vocabulario relacionado con “el supermercado”.

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Spanish Grammar: TENER -to have- (A1)

tiene dinero


TENER, usually translated as “to have“ in the sense of meaning “to possess” or “to own. It is a particularly useful verb.


presente tener


In general, its conjugation is quite irregular, here you have the present tense:

But it is not only is it used to indicate possession, it is also used in a variety of idiomatic expressions to indicate emotions or states of being.

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Language tips: IR and VENIR (A1)

The verbs that express coming and going are little tricky for English speakers. In English, come indicates where you are or where the person you are talking to is, or will be, at the time of the expected arrival; and go indicates a third place where neither the speaker or the hearer is expected to be. In other words, in English, one can come here, come there, or go there. In Spanish, it’s much simpler: venir is used with aquí and acá (here); ir is used with allí and allá (there).

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