Spanish vocabulary: Números (numbers)

 Numbers aren’t difficult to learn in Spanish if you look out for patterns.  You can download the pdf sheet if you want to review all the numbers.

1. Uno and numbers ending in uno, such as 21 or 91, change to agree with the following noun. They drop the final –o before a masculine noun and have the feminine form una: Tiene cuarenta y un años (He is forty-nine years old). El libro cuesta veintiuna libras (the book costs twenty-one pounds). Continue reading Spanish vocabulary: Números (numbers)

Podcast_053: ¿Qué le gusta? (A1)

An interviewer is doing a survey on the street. Listen to the answers of Rubén, a young man who is visiting Madrid What does he like? After listening, answer the questions below. Finally, check your answers and read the transcription. You can also review how to use “GUSTAR” here.

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