Spanish lessons in a group

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Online group classes work exactly like individual lessons. They are done using Skype, with a maximum number of six students per group lasting for one hour. All the necessary materials are included in the price and are sent to participants by email (download a sample lesson).

They are not only an excellent way to learn Spanish but also to make new friends. Please, notice that it is necessary to be registered as a premium member to join the groups, so we can make sure the Spanish level and motivation of each student.

There are two alternatives:

1. We publish a monthly calendar with the day and time (UTC+00:00) of each lesson, as well as the subject and level of available classes. Students who purchased lesson packages receive the list in advance in their email, updated with their local time zone,  along with a discount on the price of the lessons.

72 hours before each class, any materials that the student needs for the lesson is sent. On the day of the class, the only thing a student has to do is join the Skype group at the appointed time and have all materials given before at hand. After each class, they will receive a message with comments from the professor and optional exercises to reinforce the lesson.

Lessons may be purchased individually (8€) or in packages of six lessons (42€). The student must send an email confirming their participation at least 72 hours before the start of the class (cancellation made less than 24 hours before the start of class will be billed).

See lessons scheduled. We encourage students to suggest topics for future classes and times and we do our best to incorporate suggestion on future calendars. Write us for more information or if you want to book a lesson.

2..The second option is that you create your own group with friends or colleagues (a minimum number of four is required). In this case, you will decide on the day, time and subjects for each class.In this case, the prices will vary depending on the number of students and classes purchased.  Contact us for more information or a budget.

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