Mood in Spanish for beginners

Mood in Spanish is said ESTADOS DE ÁNIMO and with this vocabulary, we are going learn how to describe people feeling and state of mind.

mood in Spanish - Estados de ánimo en españolHere you have an activity to learn some names and adjectives to say how we feel (names are used with verb “tener” adjectives are used with “estar“, click on the link to check the conjugation of these two verbs). Notice that they are not used to describe people personality but to talk about temporal states. Practice this game as many time as you want until feel confident, below you will find the list of the vocabulary and link to more adjectives to talk about people mood ¡Vamos a trabajar!


Probably, you have already noticed that in Spanish, for example, we say “tengo hambre”  (I have hunger), when we want to say I am hungry. Remember you can contact your tutor if you have any questions. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet? Click on this other link if you want to see more “adjetives” about people mood in Spanish with quizzes.


  • Cansado/a: tired
  • Enfermo/a: sick, unwell.
  • Preocupado/a: worried, uneasy
  • Nervioso/a: nervous, anxious
  • Triste: sad
  • Contento/a: happy, glad
  • La sed: thirst  
  • El hambre: hunger
  • El sueño: be sleepy
  • El frio: cold
  • El miedo: fear
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