Greetings in Spanish (A1)

Greetings in Spanish. Say hello and goodbye.

The first thing you should know how to say in Spanish is “Hello”. There are different greetings in Spanish for different times of the day. On the blackboard, you can find out what to say when.

Greetings in Spanish, sentences

In Spanish is polite to add señor or señora, plus a surname, when you great people you don’t know. You say señor for men, señora to women, and señorita to girls.

Greetings in Spanish, Hola

Below you can see different ways of saying how are you? In Spanish, we use different tenses depending if the sentence is formal or informal. Also, you have different ways to act accordingly, from very well to terrible.

Greetings in Spanish, how are yougreetings in Spanish

Now listen how these greetings in Spanish sounds and practice the vocabulary and repeat until you feel confident, click on “elige un modo de estudio (choose a way to study)” to practice the vocabulary with different games. We also recommend you to watch the video “presentarse”, and remember you can contact your tutor for any question you have.  Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?

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