Word order with adjectives, Spanish grammar (A2)

Word order with adjectives 1

Adjectives in Spanish usually go after the noun they are describing, but they can also go before. In some cases, the meaning can change depending on their position in the sentence.

1. When adjectives are used right beside the noun they are describing, they go before it in English. Nevertheless, in Spanish adjectives usually go AFTER the noun.

La Casa Blanca (The White House).

Una ciudad española (a Spanish city).

La lección siguiente (the following lesson).

La hora exacta (the precise time).

2. When we have two or more adjectives after the noun, we use “y” (meaning and) between the last two.

Un hombre rubio, alto y delgado (a blonde, tall, slim man).

3. A number of types of Spanish adjectives go BEFORE the noun:

4. Some adjectives can go both BEFORE and AFTER the noun, but their meaning changes depending on their position

Word order with adjectives, adjectives that change the meaning

5. Practice word order with adjectives with these quizzes:

Finally, click on the link to learn more about word order in Spanish and remember to contact you tutor with any question you have about word order with adjectives in Spanish. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet? 

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