Spanish Grammar: Verbs with prepositions I “A” (A2)

In Spanish, many verbs must be followed by a preposition, which may or may not correspond to the preposition (if any) used in English. The following is a list of some Spanish verbs which require a” when followed by an infinitive.

acercarse a to approach
acostumbrarse a to be/get used to
aprender a to learn to
atreverse a to dare to
ayudar a to help
comenzar a to begin to
comprometerse a to undertake to
dedicarse a to devote oneself to
disponerse a to get ready to
empezar a to begin to
enseñar a to teach to, show how to
invitar a to invite to
ir a to be going to
llegar a to manage to, succeed in, end up
llegar a ser to become
llevar a to lead to
negarse a to refuse to
obligar a to force, compel to
ponerse a to begin to, set about
prepararse a to get ready to
renunciar a to renounce
resignarse a to resign oneself to
resistirse a to resist
tender a to tend to
volver a to do something again

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