Language tips: PEDIR vs PREGUNTAR (A2)

To ask for something or to ask a question: the difference between PEDIR and PREGUNTAR

In Spanish, there are two verbs that can express the idea “to ask.” There are differences between these verbs and when to use one or the other depends on the context in which it is used. They are not interchangeable.1. Use PEDIR to ask for or request an object, a service, or  a favor:

¿Por qué no le pides el diccionario a Marta? (Why don’t you ask Martha her dictionary?)

Me pidió, muy amablemente, que no fumara allí  (He kindly asked me not smoke there).

Nosotros les pedimos permiso a nuestros padres  (We asked  our parents’  permission).

2. Use PREGUNTAR to ask a question or request information: 

Me preguntó si se podía fumar en el taxi.   (He asked me if smoking was allowed in the taxi).

¿Preguntaste a qué hora llega el tren? (Did you ask at what time the train arrive?).

Me preguntó que cómo me llamaba. (He asked me what my name was.)

Check the conjugations of both verbs: PEDIR and PREGUNTAR.

Now, are you ready to practice?250_PEDIR VS PREGUNTAR

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