Language tips: Quisiera (B1)

Quisiera is the imperfect subjunctive form of querer  “to want” (check here the would conjugation of “querer”). Quisiera can be used instead of “I would like” to ask for something politely

Quisiera  una ración de paella de marisco, por favor. (I would like a plate of seafood paella, please.)

• It is also used to indicate a wish that may  be very difficult o to happen or impossible

Quisiéramos ir en un crucero, pero no tenemos dinero (We would like to go on a cruise, but we don’t have money).

• Another way to express this is by using the conditional form of gustar (to like) or encantar (to love):

Me gustaría hacer una reserva… (I would like to do a reservation…).

Nos gustaría/encantaría ir en un crucero… (We would like/love to go on a cruise…).

¡Cómo me encantaría volver a mi país en Navidad! (How I’d love to go back to my country at Chrismas!).

• Remember that the conditional tense express politeness, among other uses. Learn more about the conditional tense:

–  ¿Le gustaría ver mi casa? (Would you like to see my house?).

 Sí, me encantaría (Yes, I’d love it).

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