FORMING THE PLURAL, Spanish grammar A2 (A1)

Forming the plural in Spanish is not difficult, you only need to follow a couple of very simple rules:

forming the plural In English you usually make nouns plural by adding an -s to the end (garden=gardens, house = houses…), although you have some nouns which are irregular and do not follow this pattern (mouse= mice, child = children…).

Now let’s see how to do it in Spanish.

1. To form the plural in Spanish, add -s to most of the nouns ending in a vowel (a, e, i, o, u):

  El libro (the book) Los libros (the books)
El hombre (the man) Los hombres (the men)
La botella (the bottle) Las botellas (the bottles)

Although there are some nouns ending in an accented vowel that add “-es” (but not all of them el café= los cafés):

  El jabalí (the boar) Los jabalíes (the boars)
El hindú (Hindu) Los hindúes (Hindus)

2. Add “-es” to singular nouns ending in a consonant (any letter other than a vowel):

  El árbol (the tree) Los árboles (the trees)
La mujer (the woman) Las mujeres (the women)
La ciudad (the city) Las ciudades (the cities)

3. Some foreign words (that is, words which have come from another language, such as English) ending in a consonant just add “-s”:

  El jersey (the jersey) Los jerseys (the jerseys)

4. Words ending in “-s which have an unstressed final vowel do not change in the plural.

  El paraguas (the umbrella) Los paraguas (the umbrellas)
El lunes (on Monday) Los lunes (on Mondays)

5. Singular nouns ending in “-z change to “ces” in the plural

  La luz (the light) Las luces (the lights)
El pez (the fish) Los peces (the fishes)

6. Singular nouns which end in an accented vowel and either “-n” or “-s” drop the accent in the plural:

  La canción (the song) Las canciones (the songs)
El autobús (The bus) Los autobuses (the buses).

Now you can practice everything you have learned with our quizzes.  Remember to contact your tutor if you have any question about forming the plural in Spanish. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?

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