Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced Spanish student, in HABLAMOS we offer you the most efficient and flexible way to learn Spanish. Courses will be tailored only to your needs and circumstances, and we will not only find the linguist within you but how to make you enjoy the experience of learning Spanish.

    We offer not only Spanish General Courses , but our wide range of Courses of Spanish for Specific Purposes covering areas such as: Business Spanish, Sales and Marketing, Tourism, Insurance, Law and Enforcement… We can also help you with your Exam Preparation (GCSE, “A” Levels, DELE, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce Certificates in Business or in Tourism, etc). You can take one of these courses whatever your Spanish level is, from beginner to advance students; your learning program will be just adapted with additional and specific resources.

    For instant, 
    if you are a beginner student in a Business Course, in addition to what you would learn in a General Course, you would also learn how to talk about your job or your company, how to answer the phone or to make phone calls; how to send emails or introduce yourself, etc, in a businesslike way…, as well as learn more about the business practices and culture in Spain or in the different countries in Latin America.

    On the other hand, if you just want to learn some Spanish to use during yours trips to Spain or Latin America, your lessons will be focused, for instant, on how to ask for food in a restaurant, shopping, ask for directions, visiting the doctor or a pharmacy for help or just how to have a nice chat with native people.


    As a first step, free and without obligation, we will establish your level in Spanish and clarify your goals (this can include a personal interview face-to-face or online); with this information we will send you a tailor learning program and a budget for your approval. From this point it is up to you.


    Classes are mainly focused on confidence and in the ability to communicate effectively but, very important, self-study can account for up to 30% of your overall learning, and it is the perfect opportunity to practice more grammar, reading and writing. Thanks to the resources in our ESPACIO EÑE, you will be able to do as much self-study as you want, and this will determinate in a great deal your progress. But remember! The course will be completely tailored for you, so it will be up to you when and how much do you want to study between classes


    Now you only need to choose which course is best for you!

    tip-coursosOnline Spanish grammar workshops for English...

    tip-coursosCurso especial de español para lusófonos
    tip-cursosText correction
    tip-coursosA2 Standard Learning Program
    tip-coursosB1 Standard Learning Program
    tip-coursosB2 Standard Learning Program
    tip-coursosB1-B2 Tourism Learning Program
    tip-coursosB2 Business Learning Program
    tip-coursosC1 Standard Learning Program
    tip-coursosSample business extra activities A1
    tip-coursosSample business extra activities A2
    tip-coursosSample business extra activities B1
    tip-coursosSample for "A levels" resources
    tip-coursosPreparation papers for the DELE A2 exam
    tip-cursosSample teaching unit A1
    tip-cursosSample teaching unit A2

    tip-cursosSample teaching unit B1

    tip-cursosSample teaching unit B2
    tip-cursosSample business teaching unit B2
    tip-cursosVideo Online Spanish lesson
    tip-cursosSample online tutorship presentation

    Online tutoring is growing in popularity as technology now means the learning experience is not significantly different from taking lessons face-to-face. They are perfect for those who need to have a steady progress but are unable to attend regular face-to-face lessons because of their agenda, when their location makes face-to-face training impossible or when the course focus is on developing particular language skills such as a spoken interaction, pronunciation, listening... or to review specific grammar problems.


    On the other hand, these courses are much more flexible, because the materials used are easier tailored to the needs of students. Tutorship can be taken from anywhere and at any time (including weekends), without being subject to a strict schedule. Besides usually are more economical by reducing many expenses.

    You'll be able to both see and hear your tutor clearly and live, and your tutor will be able to interact carrying out exercises using facilities such as a virtual whiteboard. Your tutor will also be able to share internet resources, which is highly effective for learning any language. You will be able to connect to your class from home, work internet café, etc., and take your classes 24/7 even when travelling. Classes can be record for you to watch and review.


    During the tutorial, everything is recorded and saved, this means that you can check everything seen later and students can focus more on what is happening in class, that would allow you to focus exclusively on what it is going on in the class.

    Our online language tutors are all top quality native Spanish teachers, who have been especially trained to teach online and live all around the latin world. You'll just need a good internet connection speed, a webcam and a headset with microphone so you can both listen and also speak; although it is very simple, we will provide you full technical support.






















    How online lessons work

    Although one-to-one classes are the most effective way to learn Spanish, we don’t have to forget that learning a language is a social activity and it will be fantastic sharing this experience with friends, colleagues, family… even could help to make new acquaintances, since you will be able to join a group with people for all over the world .

    The characteristic of the classes are the same that in a one-to-one course, only the materials used are adapted to work with groups. These classes are probably no so effective but no doubt more fun and relaxing and, very important, it will be also more cost-effective since expenses are shared. Their main inconvenience is that you will have to adjust your progress and needs to the group.









    How online lessons work

    Our online Spanish business writing course is a tailored course aimed at those who regularly need to produce written documents in Spanish, ranging from emails through to reports and proposals, or presentations. The course recognizes the importance of using accurate, concise and effective language to achieve business objectives. The course works on:


    • tip key principles of email, report and proposal writing,
    • tip functional vocabulary fit for business purpose,
    • tip contrasting formal and informal styles,
    • tip contrasting direct and indirect styles,
    • tip writing for speaking: preparing presentations & speeches,
    • tip grammar principles and the rules of effective writing,
    • tip writing 'between the lines',
    • tip ensuring conciseness, cohesion and claritity.
    The Online Spanish Business Writing Course can also be combined in a blended course, adding face-to-face and online tutorship when the student wants it. A level A2 is recommended to take this workshop.















    How online lesson are conducted

    The aim of these workshops is to facilitate the understanding of the Spanish grammar in a structured way. Taking this workshop will not only help you to learn grammar rules, but, thanks to the extensive examples and exercises, you will learn to use the grammar rules in the correct context, and at the same time you will be able to practice everything you have learnt. The workshops cover all the topics that are especially difficult for English speakers who wants to learn Spanish.


    The Spanish grammar workshops are composed of 15 thematic modules, which are organized in “fichas” (see a sample of a “ficha gramatical”). Each “ficha” contains accurate grammatical explanations on each topic which are easy to understand along with numerous examples to follow. Also, they are supported by interactive tests and exercises which allow you to immediately check your understanding, as well as an assessment test at the end of each module.


    Vía email, these last two activities will be corrected and evaluated by your personal tutor. You can also ask the tutor any questions that you might have about the topic which was dealt within the workshop. You will have the constant support of your tutor, and we can provide you with extra activities about the subject you have studied, should you feel that you need them. This will ensure that you master each subject by the end of the module.















    See all the workshops syllabuses

    If you need to learn Spanish, whether for business, pleasure or any other reason, HABLAMOS SLE can offer you personal tutoring with a native-speaking qualified Spanish teacher. They will visit you at your home or place of work, at a time convenience to you, and will help and your group to submerge into the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture.


    Our natives Spanish-speaking trainer are fully qualified and they come from different Spanish-speaking countries. Your personal tutor will adapt your lessons to fit your needs, concentrating on communication skills.


    We will also provide you with study materials relevant to your level . We will pre-determined your level for free, and without any obligation, before you start your course.


    One-to-one, two-to-one and group learning options are available, making it easy and fun to study Spanish on your own, with friends, or with colleagues. Lessons can be conducted in the place of your choice; on weekdays or weekends, during the morning, afternoon, or evening.


    Also as a student of Hablamos SLE you will have many other benefits including free access to all the resources on our ESPACIO EÑE and you will be automatically member of the SPANISH CLUB.
















    Hablamos SLE offers a service in correction and revision of Spanish texts for companies, institutions or individual. This means editing style, register, grammar, vocabulary, language, paragraphing, spelling and punctuation of class any kind of document that the customer might want to consider.

    Before we make a correction in terms of style, we need to have a sample of your text to evaluate the type of correction you need. Subsequently, we will proposed a work plan, with times and feed defined, depending on the length and complexity of the text. Preferably, the text must be delivered in digital document, in Word or compatible format ( .doc, .rtf, .txt).

    The cost is variable, depending on the factors mentioned above. Please, feel free to request a personal quote.

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