In Hablamos SLE we are specialized in teaching Spanish and we are proud to offer to our clients a wide range of linguistic services to individuals and small groups of people who need to learn Spanish either for business or general use.


Our teaching methods focus on communication. This hands-on, interactive and personalized approach ensures that you will start to understand and speak Spanish from day one. We use a wide range of teaching materials and we are up to date of the latest innovation in teaching languages. Everything to ensure that your goals are achieved and your needs are fulfilled at the time you enjoy the experience.


All our team members are carefully selected according to their area of expertise and their experience. The Head Office is responsible for administration, recruitment, course development and materials, and provide academic support for the teacher.


At HABLAMOS SLE we recognise the importance of providing our clients with language trainers of the highest standard and professionalism. All our tutors must therefore meet the following minimum requirements:


  • - Spanish native speaker,
    • - university degree or equivalent, preferably with a post-graduate qualification,
    • - a recognised language training qualification to teach Spanish as a foreign language,
    • - at least two years’ experience teaching Spanish,
    • - preferably, personal business experience working in a commercial environment,
    • - able to deliver highly effective and enjoyable Spanish lessons,
    • - able to train learners of varying backgrounds and abilities,
    • - the flexibility to adapt teaching methods to suit each learner,
    • - experience designing tailored courses in line with learner requirements,
    • - the ability to provide constructive feedback to learners about their progress and needs, both in writing and face-to-face,
    • - a dynamic, enthusiastic & energetic teaching style,
    • - a commitment to keep up-to-date with recent developments in methodologies and materials to teach Spanish,
    • - flexible to short-notice changes of schedule.

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With HABLAMOS SLE you will benefit for:

  • - A team of Hispanic highly qualified professionals.

  • - Courses totally tailored to your needs and goals.

  • - The latest resources for learning Spanish.

  • - No need to spend a penny in materials.

  • - Access to hundreds of resources in ESPACIO EÑE.

  • - Service 24/7.

  • - A head teacher to coordinate every course.

  • - The best price-performance ratio.

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Why Study Spanish?

  • - Spanish is the world's second most spoken language, after Chinese, and is the second most used language in international communication.
  • - By 2030, 7.5% of the world's population will be native Spanish speakers, approximately 535 million people.
  • - In 3 or 4 generations, it is estimated that 10% of the world's population will understand Spanish.
  • - By 2050, the United States will become the country with the highest population of Spanish speakers.
  • - 18 million students study Spanish as a foreign language.
  • - Spanish is the mother tongue of approximately 426 million people in the world and is the official language in 21 countries (Mexico: 112 million, Colombia: 46 million, Spain: 46 million, Argentina: 40 million, Peru: 28 million, Venezuela: 27 million...).
  • - Spanish is widely spoken as a native language in many other countries as well including: The United States: 37 million, Canada: 909,000, Brazil: 460,000, The Philippines: 439,000...

- The Latino market is one of the fastest-growing market segment in North America with over 52 million in the US. In the first quarter of 2012, they accounted for 11% of the total of $2.2 billion e-commerce purchases in the country. By 2015, their buying power is expected to reach 1.5 trillion.


  • - 12.8 % of the US population speaks Spanish.
  • - 132.8 million: This projected Hispanic population of the United States by July 1, 2050, 30% of the nation's population.


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What and how you can learn with HABLAMOS SLE?

We offer not only Spanish General Courses, but a wide range of Courses of Spanish for Specific Purposes covering areas such as: Business Spanish, Sales and Marketing, Tourism, Insurance, Law and Enforcement… Our training programs for professionals aim to develop business and social communication skills enabling our students to operate at the advanced level expected in the global business environment. We can also help you with your Exam Preparation (GCSE, “A” Levels, DELE, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce Certificates in Business or in Tourism, etc).


Our native speaker qualified Spanish language teachers come from different Spanish speaker countries and can train you at your office or home at a time to suit you. Classes can be any day of the week (even weekends) in the morning, afternoon or evening. Learn more about our face-to-face courses.


If you prefer it, you can take your class online, using the latest technologies. You will only need a computer with internet connection, a headset with microphone and optionally, a webcam if you want to make your experience much more personal and fun. Learn more about our online tutorship.


If self-study is your option, we recommend that you visit the ESPACIO Ñ section, where you will find all the resources necessary to improve your Spanish. On the other hand, very soon our social club EL RINCÓN DEL ESPAÑOL will start working, which will be full of surprises.


Please learn more about courses, services and the material we use in class, by doing click here.


Finally, don´t forget that with HABLAMOS SLE you can also learn Spanish for free.

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Learn Spanish online with HABLAMOS SLE

Did you know that nearly 500 million people speak Spanish and that is the second most used language in the world of business and tourism? ¡Speaking Spanish is essential in this global world! Nevertheless, it is not always easy to find time, resources and patience to learn a new language and here is where the Internet comes, because nowadays new technologies allow us to tailor courses to our needs and learn at our own pace, all without of leaving home or giving up the advantages that traditional classes with a teacher provide.

In HABLAMOS SLE ​​ we offer a great number of resources so you can learn Spanish doing what you like (watching movies, cooking, traveling ...) along with the services of native Spanish tutors that will guide you through the whole learning process, advising you what and how study, solving your questions, correcting customized exercises and especially cheering and supporting you throughout the process.

In our ESPACIO EÑE you'll find a great diversity of resources so you can practice all the skills needed to communicate in Spanish: grammar explanations with specific exercises, word games to learn vocabulary and interactive activities to review all, which will help you to build a firm linguistic foundation. Moreover you also have activities bases on videos for you to become familiar with a most colloquial form to speak Spanish in a fun and entertaining way, at the time that you are improving your grammar and increasing your vocabulary. Visit the ESPACIO EÑE section to learn more and see some of these activities, we are adding new materials every week. Remember all under the supervision of a personal tutor with who you can contact by email as many time as you want and for a much cheaper price than you can imagine.

But let's face it, learning grammar and vocabulary is only the beginning, because when we start to study a language our main goal is to communicate and we need to think in that language and practice a lot talking to achieve it. In HABLAMOS SLE we offer the possibility to do live face to face videoconferences with a native Spanish tutor living in any Hispanic country. Not only you will see and chat with the other person as if you were there, but the screen of the tutor’s computer will become a virtual whiteboard that will let you follow the class easily. Find out more about our online tutoring individual or group.

It's easy, you'll be speaking Spanish before you imagine what are you waiting for? You can start right now with some free activities ESPACIO EÑE access or register for an online tutoring FREE demo.


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Learn Spanish for free with HABLAMOS SLE

In ESPACIO EÑE our students enjoy access to hundreds of exercises to learn Spanish online: grammar exercises, verbs exercises, songs, vocabulary activities, listening, reading, phonetics, videos, grammar worksheets and even a cooking course; and we are adding new things constantly. These will be a perfect complement to any course you are taking, allowing you to do as much self-study as you want but always under the supervision of one of our tutors, without any additional cost.


Weekly we offer free access to a number of these activities. You will be able to improve your Spanish and discover some of the benefits to be one of our students without spending a penny, need to register or any other obligations. Just click on ESPACIO EÑE and look for the activities marked withlibre acceso, you will find new things every week.


Furthermore, we are also sure you will enjoy the experience of our online tutoring, for this reason we offer you the possibility to apply for a demo online class and an accurate assesment of your Spanish level, both completely free. Please, contact us if you are interested in taking advantage of this introductory promotion or discover more about how our online tutorials work.

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